About Aikido3D

Aikido3D is a unique, interactive training tool, utilizing motion capture technology to offer innovative ways to explore the art of Aikido. Featuring the Aikido of Donovan Waite, 7th Dan Shihan, Aikido3D is designed to empower and enrich your Aikido training journey.

The Aikido3D Titles

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Aikido3D - Volume One

The original, award winning Aikido3D title is now available in the new Aikido3D 2.0 format featuring 104 techniques, covering the entire 5th through 1st Kyu testing requirements (USAF). Volume One has been a the core of the Aikido3D program for over 5 years and is being used by aikidoka in over 50 countries! List of techniques - What's new in 2.0?

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Aikido3D - Aiki Weapons

A comprehensive set of Aiki Weapons practice-forms for both Bokken and Jo and Tanto. With over 60 demonstrations of solo, partner and weapons disarming techniques, Aiki Weapons is an ideal package for any level Aikidoka wishing to begin their weapons training or working on perfecting it. List of techniques - What's new in 2.0?

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Aikido3D - Volume Two- Coming soon

Volume Two will introduce some 100 great additions to the current titles. Ukemi basics as well as technique-specific Ukemi is featured to the benefit of beginners and more advanced aikidoka alike. Also included are additional attacks and techniques.

* Important Notice – Aikido3D 2.0 is especially designed to have all your purchased packages (Volume One, Weapons etc) install together into the same “library”. This design guarantees easy access to all techniques without having to switch between programs.

Who is Aikido3D for?

Aikido Enthusiasts

  • Learn about Aikido concepts and form as you are introduced to various Aikido techniques and attack scenarios.

Aikido Beginners

  • Get a better understanding of Aikido basics and closely examine how they evolve with level and skill.
  • Become familiar with the technique's name and meaning as you follow 5th through 1st Kyu grading requirements!
  • Use Aikido3D to promote Aikido with your friends and family.

Advanced Aikido Practitioners

  • Explore each technique from unconventional angles and various speeds to reveal more form and function.
  • Use Aikido3D’s visualization layers and watch how fundamentals evolve into various techniques.